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Why your support matters

"Music" as we knew it's dead, but this doesn't mean MUSIC is dead...

Music and musicians

In recent years music and music industry has drastically changed because a variety of factors; technology, society, culture and business models, they all contributed to this change. I  believe it won't stay as it is forever; each individual's behaviour replicated on a large scale can make this change again and again and again.

This particular change impacted not only how and where we listen to music, but at the same  time also who produces music, what is produced and released and ultimately "music" itself.

In a wider picture we can all see how the same process has been happening on different fronts of our society and to different popular "arts" and their derivates industries, as music, movies, photography and so on...

Why is important to support independent music

"Music" that is now popular and which is played on Radios, on Spotify and other streaming and/or Social Media it's a type music and it's the tip of the iceberg.

MUSIC is so much more than this (and most of the times better) but at the moment it's underwater. You, as a listener have the power (like never before) to reach for the unexpected, new and exciting underwater world of music. And by listening to something different from the mainstream you're already helping.

Why you and what can you do?

You don't have to always reach your pocket, to help. Your sensitivity can guide you to be in tune with what's happening. Please remember that a like, a share, a recommendation to a friend, a listen has value for musicians as well as buying CD,Vinyls, merchandise.